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Top 5 Reasons You'll Love Having a DJ

You have invited your closest friends and family to be with you on your wedding day. Many of these guests have travelled far and wide to be with you and, naturally, you want to host an incredible celebration they will never forget! Having the right team of professionals in place is key to making that happen. As you bask in the light of the party of your dreams, you want stress levels at an all time low and smiles at an all time high. Your DJ is an integral part of that recipe. Here are the top 5 reasons you’ll love having a DJ!
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    Entertainment Value

    With the technology at our fingertips today, and as wedding costs start to mount, it’s not unnatural to consider hooking an iPod or laptop up to a couple speakers and having a friend or family member queue up your favourite tunes. Don’t do it! Aside from the plethora of things that could go wrong; late cues, awkward silences, perhaps a designated uncle who downed a few too many to take the edge off (you catch my drift), your DJ is skilled. They are going to read the crowd and keep the dance floor packed. That is their specialty! In many cases, their calling. Your party will soar with the right DJ at your side.


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    Perfecting the Flow

    When hiring a professional, experienced DJ, you’re not hiring a wallflower. A great DJ is on the pulse of your party. From coordinating with your photographer; so you can sneak off for that dreamy sunset shot, your caterer; to facilitate dinner, your wedding planner; to ensure everything is running on schedule etc. etc., your DJ is key to a smooth and easy flow. And hey, the better the lead up to your party unfolds, the better your party- guaranteed!

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    A great DJ will know what is required to ensure your wedding ceremony and reception go off without a hitch. They have professional grade equipment that they maintain regularly. From high end speakers and microphones to soundboards and platters, they know that equipment inside and out. They’ll also have a back up plan in place for unseen circumstances and will do whatever it takes to ensure you have clear, undistorted sound all day long.

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    Peace of Mind

    Let’s face it, planning a wedding can be stressful. Hiring a DJ you feel confident will go above and beyond can be worth it’s weight in gold. Case in point; one summer day in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, I was on my way to DJ a wedding, for a fabulous couple at one of my favourite venues – right on! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, it was set to be a perfect day. As I approached the venue, the wind picked up and I noticed flames and firetrucks on the roadside. Not great, but it all seemed under control. I ventured into the perfectly appointed hall to greet my fellow vendors and set up. Then the severity of the situation hit; a gust of wind had downed a pole, started a fire, and electricity to the venue was out with no repair time in sight – seriously!? Within an hour, I had a high-end generator on site and music playing before guests arrived. Other vendors plugged in, dinner was saved, and we had one of the best parties ever – by candlelight! BAM! This was an over the top situation, but it’s PEACE OF MIND to know your DJ will be there and have your back if the unthinkable happens.

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    Planning Woes No More

    A great DJ will make booking easy, provide a detailed contract and give you creative ideas and advice. They’ll help you find other amazing vendors and get back to your queries quickly. All the while helping to make planning your wedding fun, exciting and stress free! Because that’s what it should be!

Your DJ can make or break the success of your wedding. I’ve had the pleasure meeting and collaborating with many experts in the field. There are a ton of fabulous DJs out there! To find the perfect fit for you, do your homework, talk to your DJ, dig deep checking reviews, ensure your DJ is licensed and insured, and keep in mind the lowest price does not always equate with the best value. As you celebrate the happiest day of your life, with those you love most – having an experienced DJ, with professional grade equipment, who loves what they do, and is going be there for you, is worth every penny! You’ll love having a DJ!


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Kalani Laimana aka DJ Krucial K “The Flyin’ Hawaiian”